Executive and Clerical Searches

Explore Able Staffing's Executive and Clerical Search Processes

All executive and clerical search processes may look the same on the outside. Able Staffing recognizes that to be successful in an executive or clerical search, the approach to the process must be different. Every company has it’s own specifications required to make their company a successful entity.

Partnership with the client company is the first important key to a successful executive or clerical search. A Able Staffing executive or clerical search representative will be specifically assigned to establish a relationship with the client company.  By doing so, the representative can learn specifically what your human resource and company needs are, what qualifications is expected in a candidate and what will make a company offer appealing to a prospective executive or professional clerical person.

Next, Able Staffing will put time proven recruiting methods to work for you. Resumes are collected and reviewed.  Candidates are pre-screened and interviewed. Ongoing dialog is established with candidates and your company through us. Through communication, Able Staffing may further narrow the search for a candidate that will best fit into your company team. Paperwork for the applicants whom we believe will be best suited for your company are forwarded to you.

Once you have selected a candidate, our work does not stop there. We then take on the role of “match maker”.  We work with you to set up interviews with the candidate. Screening and background checks may be what you elect for us to do. Since each company is different, your company dictates to us how involved you want our role to be.

Regardless if your company is large or small, you will be given the same attention to detail and quality our clients have come to expect from Able Staffing.

If you prefer to find resumes and applicants yourself, we will let you. Just click here to get started today.