Introducing ADAM*

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With hundreds of employment and staffing companies around offering the same services and drawing from the same labor pool, what makes Able Staffing different?

ADAM*, our Automated Data Applicant Manager, lets employers put our staffing company on their computers.

With ADAM, you will be able to post unlimited jobs for your local area and have the resumes for your job posting sent directly to your email's inbox.  You can also post jobs and receive resumes from the major job boards.

ADAM allows you to monitor skills, track resumes, and email potential candidates to facilitate your choice for the best job candidate and begin the screening process. All of this saves you time and money.

Doesn't seem so different than the million of other job boards? It is. ADAM is an evolving system with you and your business staffing needs in mind. Designed with more than 30 years of human resource experience to draw from, our proprietary software system, ADAM, offers employers a chance at seeing profiles of potential candidiates before deciding to purchase the resumes. You pay only for the applicants you are interested in. Because ADAM is being developed by our team of programmers for your staffing needs, if you don't see what you need let us know and we will certainly try to incorporate your wishes.

Register as an employer for free with Able Staffing. After you are verified and approved as an employer, we will issue you a username and password. This will allow you access to the future of employment. Register now and give ADAM a test drive today.


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