If one thing could change your business for the better, what would it be? At Able Staffing, we believe that adding our company’s services to a human resource department can CHANGE EVERYTHING.

Only about 12 people in every 3000 like change.  People resist change because they do not understand what they can gain or lose from it.* Able Staffing wants to change that.  Employment services experience of 30 years and 20 years of being in business for ourselves has taught us that the changes Able Staffing can bring to a human resource department can make a big impact on the company.


Time is money especially in business. Because Able has a pool of experienced personnel from which to draw and is constantly recruiting and screening, we are in a position to save company time and money.  Consider the hours it takes  to develop a job description, write a newspaper ad, sort resumes, call people to set up interview times, interview the candidates, screen backgrounds, verify work history, input the new employee into a database, set the employee up for payroll, report them to the state for unemployment, child support, or human services. This may cost your company 10, 15, or even 20 or more hours in human resources per new employee.


Everything comes with a price.  Hiring people is no exception.  Able Staffing is constantly working to help companies reduce these costs.  When accessing company's hiring costs consider job fair fees, travel expenses, newspaper ad costs, human resource salaries, office supplies, postage, fees for background checks, drug test charges, applicant testing materials, brochures, workers comp premiums, unemployment premiums, medical insurance costs, employee record keeping costs, and social security costs.


Now that you are realizing the cost and time needed by human resource departments to fill open job positions let’s consider a few more “hidden” costs. Consider the cost the vacant position is having on the company in terms of missed shipping dates, machine down time, and overtime pay. Consider costs still incurred from the last employee in that position such as Cobra costs, severance pay, unemployment rate increases, and legal fees.  There are also such costs as lower employee moral, loss in production, and higher turnover from other employees who may see this as a sign to “jump ship”. All this not to mention the impact it’s having on your customer base and your customer’s business.


*Center for Creative Leadership